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Sinokrot Trade and Investment Company is a Palestinian firm specializing in the import and distribution of consumer goods in Palestine.

Since its establishment by Suleiman Sinokrot a businessman with extensive experience in the field of trade, import and distribution. Sinokrot Trade and Investment is one of the market leaders in importing and distributing consumer goods across the Palestinian Territories. Key products are confectionery, drinks, commodities and cleaning materials imported from numerous countries including Turkey, Jordan, Taiwan, Poland, Italy and Brazil.

Since its establishment, Sinokrot Trade & Investment has operated as the sole and exclusive representative of major international companies. This has helped to drive business development, enabling the company to overcome operational challenges and enhance its competitive position in local markets. Sinokrot has a warehouse measuring 2,500 m² at its disposal with a storage capacity of 1,000 tons, complying with mandatory health and safety standards.


  • Increase the Company's market share.
  • Establish partnerships with international companies in different countries;
  • Identify high-quality products with competitive prices that appeal to Palestinian consumers; earn the trust of consumers by sourcing quality products.


  • To meet the needs of Palestinian consumers by providing high-quality products and building strong relationships with international companies that share the same cultural and ethical values.
  • Trust: the company seeks to earn the trust of its partners and customers as its key to success of any relationship we seek.
  • Continuous improvement: the company reviews past performances and works on maintaining its principles and values.
  • Transparency: The Company strives to maintain a clear and transparent business relationship with its clients in a manner based on fairness, mutual respect and professionalism.
  • Determination: the company is committed to giving our best in everything we do.

Sinokrot Co.’s strategic objectives focus on five main areas: customers, products, human resources, institutional development and financial returns.

  1. Understand the needs of Palestinian consumers and respond to these effectively, through sourcing products that are competitive in terms of price and quality.
  2. Expand the portfolio of products and diversify the representation of regional/international brands traded by Sinokrot Co. in the Palestinian market.
  3. Promote decentralization, create efficient young leadership and an environment that is conducive to creativity and achievement.
  4. Develop Sinokrot Co.’s institutional structure to achieve enhanced efficiency and effectiveness; protect the Company’s resources from loss and misuse.
  5. Increase Sinokrot Co.’s market share and improve financial returns on current and future investments.


I would like to emphasize that we at Sinokrot Trade and Investment Company seek to provide a complete basket of consumer goods that meets the needs of the Palestinian consumer while taking into consideration the competitive price which must be parallel to the quality of the product.  

Achieving success and excellence in the field of trade is based on hard work and effort, but all this in order to achieve our ambition to reach what we want and is the biggest goal to contribute even if only a small part of the development of the local Palestinian economy.

What is clearer than ever before, though, is that we cannot achieve success if we choose to pursue these goals independently. Rather, success requires that we consistently work to achieve our goals through integrated initiatives that place a high priority on moving us forward simultaneously on multiple fronts and managing our total impact as an enterprise.




Suleiman Sinokrot

CEO and President


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