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Unigum started production in there factory which is located in Gebze-Kocaeli on July 2010. there R&D team is experienced in all stages of production .
With this technical capabilities and experience in the industry we constantly present innovative products to the consumers; considering their expectations and developments in global gum market.
Our company strengthens position in the industry with each passing day.

Exit Stick Watermelon

Exit Stick Tropical Fruits

Exit Stick Strawberry

Exit Stick Spearmint

Exit Stick Peppermint

Exit Stick Lemonade

Blox Fliptop Dragee Watermelon

Blox Fliptop Dragee Tutti-Fruitti

Blox Fliptop Dragee Strawberry

Blox Fliptop Dragee Spearmint

Blox Fliptop Dragee Peppermint

Blox Fliptop Dragee Peach

Blox Stick Watermelon

Blox Stick 5 . Strawberry

Blox Stick Spearmint

Blox Stick Peppermint