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Ramadan Iftar with The Society of Inash Al Usra

Home News Ramadan Iftar with The Society of Inash Al Usra

Within its social responsibility, Sinokrot Trade and Investment Company aims to cooperate with various charitable organizations. The Palestinian society for consumer protection hosted a Ramadan Iftar at Ramallah in cooperation with Inash Al Usra society. In the presence of Mr. Suleiman Sinokrot and Ms. Aseel Sinokrot, Mr. Suleiman Sinokrot expressed his permanent participation to these activities that support the leading societies in Palestine and which have positive results for the Palestinian society. The company also distributed gifts to the girls to spread joy and happiness.

Nida Qattamish, a member of the society said that this activity is annually distinguished by its targeting of groups deserving to be on the scale of priorities and the most beautiful merging them with members and friends of the association and partnership with companies that provide gifts and support Ramadan Iftar. Also, Ahlam Al-Abd, Vice-President of the society, thanked the Association for the Promotion of the Family for allowing the girls to participate in this Iftar every year.

Finally, Salah Haniyeh, head of the association in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, expressed his appreciation for this annual gathering by Palestinian companies for the success of the Ramadan Iftar and keenness to provide support and also provide quality gifts accordingly.